How to Join the Irish army | Irish Army Recruitment 2019 Application Form

When are the Irish Army recruiting again? The  Irish Defence Forces opens recruitment campaign for 2018/2019. Irish Army Recruitment 2019 Application Form for men and women interested in joining Irish Army and Irish Defence forces recruitment dates 2019 deadline.

Irish Army Careers

irish army recruitment 2019The largest component of the Defence Forces, the Irish Army constantly strives to recruit the best personnel. There are three entry levels for joining the Army i.e. as a Cadet, a Recruit or as an Apprentice. Each approach offers a different career path and differing challenges.

Irish Army Recruitment 2019 Requirements

Army recruits are the backbone of the Irish Defence Forces. They are the frontline soldiers of the Army. The Defence Forces is looking for people who are looking for a challenging and physically demanding career in the military. Applicants should have:

  • The ability to work in disciplined military environment.
  • The ability to work with others in a team.
  • Work well in a high pressure and physically demanding environment
  • Be willing to serve aboard for extended periods of time.

On qualification recruits take up a position as a three star private in one of the following Service Corps — Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, Supply & Transport or Communications Information Systems.


No formal education qualifications are required to join the Defence Forces as a recruit. However, you must satisfy the Interview Board and the Recruiting Officer that you possess a sufficient standard of education for service in the Defence Forces.

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Age Limitations

Applicants must be 18 years of age and under 25 years of age on the date deemed as the closing date for applications.

Irish Army Recruitment

Recruit Competitions are held in each Brigade of the Army as required and are the only way to join the Defence Forces to become a Private Soldier. Candidates undergo fitness testing, psychometric testing, an interview and a medical exam. In conjunction with this all candidates will be security vetted by An Garda Síochana. Candidates must also provide two referee`s as part of the security vetting process.  Candidates will be required to pass both the medical examination and security vetting to be considered for induction. The Induction Process will determine if you have the potential to become a Private Soldier in the Army.


Recruits on their First Day

The Recruit Training Syllabus is designed to produce a physically fit, disciplined and motivated Two Star Infantry Soldier with basic military skills. Recruit training is foundation military training. It is seventeen weeks in duration. It is followed by 3 Star training and at a later stage by Trained Soldier Specialist Training courses.

Recruits may be required to complete their training in any Defence Forces location and following their training, may be posted to any Defence Forces location subject to Defence Forces requirements.

Career Progression

Newly qualified Private Soldiers are encouraged to put themselves forward for further courses in the Army. These courses may enable the soldier to specialise in certain areas of the Army or qualify the soldier for overseas service.

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APPLY: Irish Defence Forces Recruitment 2018/2019 Dates | Application Form

How to Apply for Irish Army Recruitment 2019

1. Visit Irish Army Recruitment portal

2. Select the Current Vacancy you wish to apply for and read the terms and conditions.

3. Apply Now directly to via the website portal

To make any application through Irish send an email to to request an application form.

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