KMTC Intake Requirements 2018/2019 –

Kenya Medical Training college is regularly known as KMTC. Over the years, this foundation has developed to wind up the biggest middle-level training hub in Kenya with more than 25,000 students taking in excess of 50 medical courses. In only a year, the institution release more than 6000 students to the workforce, which makes right about 80% of the whole health sector workforce in Kenya. The institution is open to all students both citizen and non-citizens who want to study medical courses. KMTC Intake Requirements 2018 September intake is almost starting, so, lets look at what you need to know before you start your application. Source: KMTC main grounds are in Nairobi with offices and campus at Kenyatta National Hospital. However, it also has 41 campuses of her own across the country and places students in campuses according to the courses taken. The institution is known for her highly qualified stuff no wonder it attracts students from most of the East and Central African countries. Thanks to the keen support of the government and the KMTC managerial workforce, the school has grown to be the biggest among middle-level training centers in Kenya. In fact, students from KMTC colleges join the workforce with lots of hands on experience and knowledge as compared to their University counterparts.

List Of Courses Offered at KMTC

KMTC Intake Requirements 2018

  1. Clinical Medicine (diploma and higher diploma)
  2. Community Nutrition ( certificate, diploma)
  3. Community Oral Health (diploma)
  4. Dental Technology (diploma)
  5. Environmental Health Sciences ( certificate, diploma and higher diploma)
  6. Health Education and Promotion (diploma and higher diploma)
  7. Health Records and Information (certificate and diploma)
  8. Medical Education (higher diploma)
  9. Medical Engineering (certificate, diploma and higher diploma)
  10. Medical Imaging Sciences (diploma and Higher diploma)
  11. Medical Laboratory Sciences (diploma and higher diploma)
  12. Nursing (certificate, diploma and higher diploma)
  13. Occupational therapy (diploma)
  14. Optometry (diploma)
  15. Orthopedic Technology (Certificate, diploma)
  16. Orthopedic Trauma and Medicine (diploma)
  17. Pharmacy (diploma and higher diploma)
  18. Physiotherapy (diploma, higher diploma)
  19. Health Systems Management (Higher Diploma)


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KMTC intake requirements

KMTC is accredited by the Ministry of education to offer courses at certificate levels, Diploma, and even a few degree courses. The institution works in two distinct semesters. the first semester begins in September and runs through early January. The second semester starts in February and runs through late July. The KMTC Intake Requirements 2018 course at every level have their different entry prerequisites which include:

i. Certificate Courses

To get accepted in Certificate courses, students should have a minimum of C- or equivalent with a C- in relevant subject combinations. Courses at this level take two years to complete except for certificate in Nursing which takes two and a half years.

ii. KMTC 2018 Diploma Courses

Diploma courses require a minimum of grade C or equivalent with a C in relevant subject combinations. Courses take three years with the exception of Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing which runs for three and a half years.

iii. KMTC 2018 Higher Diploma Courses

Higher diploma courses requires one to be a holder of basic diploma in the relevant filed and have worked for two years in the same field. these courses take one to two years to complete.

KMTC nursing intakes

KMTC has two admissions in a single year: September and March. Admissions conducted in September is for regular students or those who are sponsored by the government. The KMTC Intake Requirements 2018 March intake is for students joining the institution through a parallel program.

i. KMTC January 2018 intake

The January intake is always opened in January for interested applicants. Applications are usually done online and application charges payable through the KMTC M-Pesa paybill number 964150.

ii. KMTC 2018 March intake

KMTC March intake 2018 2019 was completed on January 28, and the list of successful candidates is already out. Those who made it to the list can check their names online.

iii. The September intake takes place in April or May.

KMTC admits all students in their parallel program with little respect of the year they sat their KCSE. When making applications, students are advised to attach all the necessary documents, ie, important academic papers and IDs or Birth certificates along with their application letter. All applicants should pay a non-refundable fee KSH 2,000 payable through bank or Mpesa Paybill or $50 dollars for foreigners through the National Bank or Checks. Students should also note that paying the amount does not guarantee admission into the institution. Students joining through the regular program pay reduced fees with optional accommodation but have no choice in campus placement. Those in parallel program pay higher fees, no accommodation but can choose the campus they like across all the 41 campuses countrywide depending on the courses.

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KMTC courses and qualifications (PDF)

KMTC offers a wide range of courses accessible for interested applicants. To help recognize the different courses, particular numbers are appointed to every one of them with the course number of that office. The courses are offered in the 41 campuses across the country.

1. KMTC Certificate Courses

i. Certificate in Orthopedic Plaster Technology

This course requires a minimum of C- in languages, English and Kiswahili, a C-in Biology, D+ in Maths or Physics or Physical science and a D+ in any of the accompanying subjects, Agriculture, Chemistry, Home science. The course is offered at KMTC, Nairobi and takes two years.

ii. Certificate in Psychiatric Nursing

This course is offered at KMTC Mathari and takes over two years to finish. Passage requirements incorporate a C-in English or Kiswahili and Biology or Biological Sciences and a D+ in any of the science courses and Maths.

iii. Certificate in Nursing

The course requires same requirements as psychiatric nursing and also takes two years to complete. The course is offered in most of the KMTC campuses.

2. KMTC Diploma Courses Basic

i. Diploma in Environmental Health Science

This specific course is offered at a few KMTC schools in Nyeri, Nakuru, Karbanet, Kitui, Kisumu, Nairobi, Embu, Machakos, Kakamega, and Mswambeni. It takes a full-time student three years to complete the course. What’s more, minimum prerequisites incorporate KCSE mean grade of C with a C in English or Kiswahili or C in any of the three sciences.

ii. Post Basic Diploma in Food, Science, and Inspection

This KMTC Short course is just offered at KMTC branches in Nairobi on a full-time basis and takes one year to finish. Passage prerequisites for the course incorporates serving PHO’s so they can practice and capacity well in ecological wellbeing administration

iii. Post-Basic Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

This is another KMTC short course that takes one academic year to finish on a full-time premise. The course is offered at KMTC, Nairobi and passage prerequisites incorporate serving PHO’s also.

iv. Post-Basic Diploma in Solid Waste Management

The course is offered at KMTC branch in Nairobi, takes one-year span on a full-time premise and its entrance requirements incorporate serving PHOs.

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v. In-service Diploma in EHS (customary)

This course targets Public Health Technicians (PHTs) with the goal that it can propel them to PHOs. The course is offered in different KMTC schools in Nakuru, Kakamega, Machakos, Nyeri, Lodwar, Karbanet, Embu and Kisumu. vi. In- service Diploma in EHS This course is offered just at KMTC Nairobi and incorporates evening classes as it were. Least passage necessities incorporate an authentication in Environmental Health Science from KMTC

3. KMTC Higher Diploma Courses

i. Higher Diploma in Epidemiology (Parallel)

The course is offered at KMTC branches in Nairobi and Kisumu. Least passage necessities incorporate Diploma holders in Public Health, Community Oral Health, Clinical Medicine, Medical Laboratory Technology, Health Records and Information and Nursing all acquired from KMTC.

ii. Higher Diploma in Pharmacy

The course is offered at KMTC universities in Mombasa, Nyeri, Kisumu, Nairobi, Manza, and Nakuru. The course takes two years on a full time premise to finish with classes and practicals in the lab. In addition, it incorporates a seven-month connection in any clinic, organization and group drug stores. Least section conditions incorporate a KCSE mean review of C plain with a C in English or Kiswahili or Chemistry or Biology or Physics and a C in either Physics, Maths or some other capability consider fit by the scholarly leading group of the organization.

Other KMTC courses offered

  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory,
  • Medicinal Imaging,
  • Medicinal Engineering,
  • Dental Technology,
  • Occupational Therapy,
  • Optometry,
  • Medicinal Education, and Nutrition,
  • Diploma in Community oral health Health Records and information management

New KMTC Courses

  • Nephrology
  • Orthopaedic trauma medicine
  • Palliative care nursing
  • Nurse anesthesia
  • Enrolled Community
  • Nursing Diploma in Health Education and Promotion Health Systems Management

Degree courses

While working in a joint effort with the University of Nairobi, the school offers degree courses in Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science, Nutrition, and Clinical Medicine. It likewise works with the Cardiff Metropolitan University of the United Kingdom to offer Environmental Science degree

KMTC courses and fees structure

Kenya Medical Training College fee structure changes from time to time. This also depends on the type of study one is taking ie, Regular, Parallel or Foreign. To know the exact amount for a given year, students are advised to log in to the KMTC portal and confirm the sum of payment towards the stat or end of the academic year. All students are additionally urged to settle their fees before settling for classes.

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