Waec Compulsory Subjects For Science, Arts & Commercial 2018/2019

WAEC Compulsory Subjects for Science, Arts, and Commercial students | Waec Approved Subjects

WAEC Compulsory Subjects: See the official WAEC Compulsory Subjects for Science, Arts, and Commercial students. So many candidates make this mistake by choosing a wrong subject when they do WAEC Registration. To help them, we have compiled the list of all the WAEC subjects and highlighted those that are compulsory.

General Waec Compulsory Subjects Combination

The following are waec core subjects everyone must enrol in waec 2018/2019 exam (whether you are an Art, a Science or commercial student).

1. English
2. Mathematics
3. Civic Education 

Having shared the subjects everyone must register in waec, I am about to breakdown the compulsory subjects for Art, Science and commercial candidates.

WAEC Compulsory Subjects For Arts students

  • Literature in English,
  • CRK /IRK,
  • History,
  • Government.

Compulsory WAEC Subjects For Science Students

  • Physics,
  • Chemistry,
  • Geography/Agric Science/Technical Drawing/Food and Nutrition 

Compulsory WAEC Subjects For Commercial Students:

  • Accounts,
  • Commerce,
  • Government.

Note: Art students can also borrow subjects like commerce and Agric Science to complete their subjects.  You confused, feel free to ask questions below.

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